Sometimes you have those days where you're just so over your job.

You're left questioning, is this even worth the money?

If you're feeling this more often than not, it may be because you may have a job that's on the most miserable list.

Now, thanks to a survey by the University of Chicago, we know exactly which jobs make people the most miserable...


1. Roofers

2. Waiters/Servers

3. Labourers (except construction)

4. Bartenders

5. Hand packers and packagers

6. Freight, stock and material handlers

7. Apparel clothing salespersons

8. Cashiers

9. Food preparers

10. Expediters (suppliers)

11. Butchers and meat cutters

12 Furniture/Home furnishing salespersons

If you're ready to ditch a dead-end job, then you might want to look towards one that is the most satisfying.

Like one of these:

1. Clergy

2. Physical therapists

3. Firefighters

4. Education administrators

5. Painters, sculptors, and related artists

6. Teachers

7. Authors

8. Psychologists

9. Special education teachers

10. Operating engineers

11. Office supervisors

12. Security and financial services salespersons