Stock has flown off shelves at slashed prices over the past few days at Auckland's Topshop department store, leaving a mere few racks for people to rifle through ahead of Sunday's closure.

People queued out the doors of the Queen St store yesterday, wanting to get their hands on what was left after Tuesday's news that receivers had failed to secure a buyer.

Top Retail, which operates New Zealand's two Topshop and Topman branded stores, was tipped into receivership on September 7 because of the prospect of mounting losses. The Australian Topshop operations were placed into voluntary administration in May.

Very little is left at Queen St, and staff said it would be surprising if much was left by the end of today, let alone Sunday.


Top Retail launched the popular UK brand in New Zealand in 2014. Kiwi clothing firm Barkers, Christchurch property investor Philip Carter and fashion designer Karen Walker took the rights to own, develop and operate the brand locally.

It opened a store on Auckland's Queen St and one on Wellington's Lambton Quay, and had signalled plans to add two more and an online store later this year.