The Christchurch developers that created the electric folding YikeBike are launching a board version - the YikeBoard.

The electric skateboard is the first of three transport products the company is planning to release this year, using its portable battery technology.

Yike said the board could reach speeds up to 30km/h, with a range of 11km on its removable battery.

"Yike have been dedicated to personal electric transport for the past seven years," it said.


"We have listened to customers and used the very best design and innovation to create the new YikeBoard."

Yike has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $50,000 by October 14 to help get the product to market.

A single motor YikeBoard would retail for $1245 and a dual motor retails for $1740.

Yike founder Grant Ryan launched the first electric YikeBike in 2009. The company has since developed further models including a heavier fusion model.