WorkSafe New Zealand issued a warning to electricians about a cable which it says poses a "significant" electric shock and fire risk to households.

Master Electricians, an organisation representing the trade, sent out an email last week urging members to be "extremely vigilant regarding this significant safety risk".

Master Electricians said the cable had been sold and, in some cases, installed in New Zealand.

The cable was a specific tough plastic-sheathed (TPS) being sold by a manufacturer.


WorkSafe confirmed they put out the warning but said further information would not be available until tomorrow morning.

According to Master Electricians, Energy Safety - part of WorkSafe - had independent testing carried out on the cable.

Results showed it to be "significantly non-compliant, including cable insulation which will become brittle and fracture within a few years of installation".

The cable carried a "significant electric shock and fire risk for any property in which this cable is installed," the Master Electricians email said.

"All electrical workers are asked to look out for any of this cable they may come across in the course of their work, including on construction sites. The cable must not be installed and should be reported to Energy Safety," Master Electricians said.

The company which sold the cable has gone into receivership.

Master Electricians said Energy Safety is in the process of drafting a formal notice covering the importation, distribution, installation and possible use of the cable.