Kang Huang and wife Yan Zhang have had their name suppression lifted in a $50 million case brought by the Serious Fraud Office.

The identities of two other people charged in the case - Richard Chen (also known as Gang Chen) and Zongliang Jiang - were first revealed by the Herald in December.

Chen, in his early 40s, and Jiang, in his mid-30s, both live in Auckland.

The SFO charged the quartet last year. The alleged offending took place between December 2011 and October 2015 and involves 76 properties and loans of more than $50m.


The quartet are defending obtaining by deception charges over information provided to secure mortgage finance on dozens of Auckland and Hamilton properties.

The case, according to the Serious Fraud Office, involves loans of more than $50m.

The SFO alleges, according to court documents, that false salary payments were made as part of the applications for some of the loans in the case.

Banks were also allegedly provided with false income and employment information.