Mondelez International has unveiled its concepts for the $3 million redevelopment of Cadbury World in Dunedin.

While the factory will close early next year, the tourist attraction will expand into the factory's old dairy building, a site five times as big as the present Cadbury World.

''While we are only in the initial concept development phase, we are very excited by the opportunity to offer a better visitor experience and increase capacity to meet demand,'' Dunedin site manager Judith Mair said.

''With Cadbury World employing about 35 people and being a key part of the growing tourism sector, we are confident the redevelopment can be a meaningful legacy in Dunedin.''


Cadbury World would remain and the company had plans to open the interactive and new aspect of the tourist attraction in the old dairy building by September next year.

The conceptual aspect of the new attraction is being lead by Tasmanian firm Simon Currant & Associates.

David Inches, of Simon Currant & Associates, said the old dairy building was the perfect canvas for the redevelopment with its history and layout.

The building featured a mezzanine floor and brickwork which dated to 1865.

''It's a pretty eye-opening space to walk into as it is,'' he said.

''Cadbury World in its own right is already successful, so it's what do we do to take it to the next level.''

Visitors to the new attraction would walk through interactive exhibits taking them through the journey from food source to final product.

The new redevelopment was planned to include a ''Pepper's ghost'' hologram manufacturing exhibit, a glass elevator, an interactive history of the site and a large chocolate waterfall.


''There's really strong engagement with manufacturing and the story of Cadbury in Dunedin,'' he said.

Simon Currant said the architects and contractors used in the final redevelopment would be locals.

Ms Mair said it was hoped the redevelopment would lift annual visitor numbers from 110,000 to 180,000. A final decision on redevelopment would be made within weeks.

''We've already invested about $1million with local suppliers in structural refurbishing of the old dairy, and we are committed to ensuring that the majority of the remaining budget for the redevelopment will be spent with local contractors,'' she said. ''We are conscious of the opportunity we have to not only give our local community and visitors to the city a fun chocolate experience, but also to recognise the significant heritage of the site and the amazing team we have here at the factory.''

- Otago Daily Times