Young professionals are becoming frustrated and annoyed as weeks of looking for a rental property turns into months.

According to local real estate managers the current rental situation is one of the strongest they have seen with up to 40 people viewing one house at a time.

Ray White managing director Elanor MacDonald said people had not seen it like this before with properties getting rented out before they were even available or advertised.

"The big list of what people want has gone out the window and it is now about whatever they can get."


One of these young professionals unable to find a place to live was Tom Adams who moved from Clevedon in January for a job in Hastings.

He is currently private boarding but hopes to find somewhere for him and three friends as soon as possible.

"It is not ideal but I guess it is the best I can do out of a bad situation. We have been looking for a couple of months now and been offered nothing."

He said they started looking in the Hastings District but have since extended their search to Napier, still with little luck.

With little response from agents Mr Adam's patience is wearing thin.

"I understand that three boys may not seem ideal but we are out of that university stage. I have outgrown it and we are now in more of a professional mindset."

Tremains Rental manager Suz Hall said the number of people attending viewings meant landlords were spoilt for choice making it harder for groups of friends to secure houses.

"Landlords get to weigh up between a solid family and young professional flatmates. They look at the risks and for a landlord a young family is a safer option."

"For example four friends could rent a four bedroom home but they could all have partners meaning eight people end up living their using all the utilities."

She said the demand has put landlords in this position where they can carefully select their tenants making it tougher on these young professionals.

Another young professional faced with this problem was Bridget Robertson.

Ms Robertson is living with her mum while she continues to search for a home more suitable with friends.

"I have lived away from home since I was 12 when I went to boarding school and university so to come back at 24 is not ideal and I am sure mum agrees."

The group have been looking since last year initially starting their search in Havelock North and Hastings but have since broadened it out to Napier.

"We just want to get anywhere now as we are getting very sick of looking and being denied or not hearing anything."

She said Hawke's Bay was a great place to live with "awesome" developing companies and opportunities so she wanted to be able to stay here rather than move somewhere else.

"The region encourages us to come here but if we can't find places to live it's not going to work."

According to Property Brokers regional managing director Paul Whitaker there were only 1/5 of the properties on the market in comparison to a year ago.

He said the desire to invest in properties had dropped as despite house prices rising rent prices were staying relatively the same.

"The investors aren't getting as much so first time home owners are buying homes instead of investing. This has led to a huge shortage."

The high demand for rental properties doesn't look like it is going to drop anytime soon and while it is an exciting time for property managers Ms Hall said it was also a frustrating and financially sobering time for young home hunters.