This Wellington house on the market has a secret.

John Bell has kept a cinema and time capsule full of movie relics at the end of his Lyall Bay driveway for 38 years.

Old movie projectors, film posters, set pieces and even a personal cinema are kept in Time Cinema behind Bell's home.

"It began when I was 9 years old and I had a toy projector and I found it was a great social tool," Bell told NZ Herald Focus.


"It was a novelty to see something on the wall and it didn't matter how basic it was, it was entertainment."

Bell calls the collection a time capsule full of relics of another era.

Now that the house and the cinema are on the market, Bell says he'd like to see the collection and cinema continue operating.

"When you put so much effort into something over a long time you don't want to see it abandoned."

Realtor Steve Zee said there had been a "massive" amount of interest in the property.