New Zealand's capital Wellington has been ranked in sixth place in a study of green cities.

The Sustainable Cities Index, the conclusion of a study by Arcadis that ranked 100 of the world's cities according to how they fared when it came to social, economic and environmental factors, ranked Wellington in 27th place overall.

Arcadis ranked cities around the world on environmental risks, energy, green space, air pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, waste management and drinking water and sanitation to find the "greenest city" in the world.

Wellington's placing of sixth overall was made up of strong results across the board, but particularly good ranking when it comes to environmental risks, air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.


No other New Zealand cities were included in the study.

Australian counterparts Canberra and Sydney ranked in the top twenty overall, taking the 18th and 21st places.

The world's most sustainable city was Zurich, which scored highest on environmental metrics for being a profit centre.

But it fell because of the lack of work-life balance and high prices in the Swiss city.

Singapore, Stockholm, Vienna and London were also in the top five.

Read the full Sustainable Cities Index here:

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