Aucklanders can reduce congestion and transport costs by using a new Uber system to catch rides into town with drivers already heading their way.

"What we wanted to do was make it easier for drivers to access flexible work," Uber general manager for New Zealand Richard Menzies said.

The new service, Driver Destinations, connects commuters so they can share their morning and evening commutes.

Uber had a number of their drivers who were driving a few hours a week to earn extra money. The new feature allows Uber drivers to pick up fares while on their way to work.


The feature is different to a normal Uber ride in that drivers can specifically pick up someone going in the same direction as them as a way to earn some extra money on their usual commute. They do not need to go out of their way to drop passengers somewhere in another area.

"It allows local residents to basically turn on the Uber app in the morning, enter destination, where they're heading. You use the Uber app and we will match you with a rider.

"I think the great thing about it is for every one of these trips that take place, it's one less car on the road."

Menzies said it was "an exciting move in the right direction to help reduce congestion in New Zealand".

While the service is being rolled out in Auckland first, the Uber team hope to extend it to other parts of the country in time.

Lucas Arthur, a consumer service representative who lives on the North Shore and drives into the city for work each day, has been driving for Uber for four months.

He now uses the Driver Destinations feature to share rides with other people heading from his area into town.

"It's great," he said. "I mean, the idea of reducing congestion on Auckland roads is certainly excellent."

He hoped to see an impact on Auckland's motorways through use of the service.