The Civil Aviation Authority has critiqued Air New Zealand's surfing safety video.

The video, which was first screened last May, is set at Raglan and features some of the world's top surfers.

In an email obtained by TVNZ, the CAA said that the video was acceptable for use, but diverged from the safety message.

The video, which was first screened last May, was shot at Raglan. Photo / Youtube
The video, which was first screened last May, was shot at Raglan. Photo / Youtube

"As we have commented previously, the video diverges materially from the 'safety message' at times, and whilst I appreciate the need to engage the viewers, the extraneous material detracts from the scope and direction of the safety message."


The email refers Air New Zealand to the Authority's literature on cabin briefings, suggesting it could be of assistance.

The airline said that it was extending "its creative licence" with its inflight safety videos last month.

With the release of its Safety in Hollywood video, global brand, Jodi Williams, said the company was continually trying to achieve "cut through" while still fulfilling the education role for passengers.

"The challenge is how to continue to make them entertaining, how do you continue to attract people and new ideas," she said.

Safety in Hollywood was filmed at four different sets over two days with some of the filming locations seen in movies such as Jurassic Park, Casablanca, Singing in the Rain, War of the Worlds and TV series True Blood.

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