Last week I wrote about Getting Gold In Database Marketing and the three top elements were:

1. Never let a viable prospect go before asking if they'd like to go on your database.

2. Targeting equals success.

3. Limit the number of times you market a product or service to an individual
This week let's look at a few pointers for your content, what you actually say in the email or social media post.


1. Wiifthem (what's in it for them).

The number one content rule, and unfortunately where 999 out of 1000 businesses fail is not recognising the simple fact their recipients only care about their own world. They're busy. Over messaged. Over inundated. It's as are as a four leaf clover to see business emails that are not written from a me, me, me point of view.

Here's a few examples from my inbox:
a. A consultant: I've just written a new book.

b. A Twitter direct message: We develop easy to use & affordable hosted IT....

c. Speaker: if you missed my webinar

You can see these are written from the businesses' perspective.

A simple mind set change would make all the difference.

What are the problems pains and frustrations of your readers/your audience and which of your solutions would interest them? How can you help them be more successful?


How can you help them money?

Then a simple tweak of your wording will make a huge difference.

a. A consultant: Here's a new book you'll be interested in.

b. A Twitter direct message: Do you need easy to use & affordable hosted IT?

c. Speaker: Do you want to know more about x? Here's a link to my webinar.

2. You must, must, must write for spam filters for email.

It pays to understand how emails are screened, rejected or accepted.

Commercial spam filters intricately examine each email and primarily work on a point scoring system. The filtering criteria, words as well as technical set up is different for every business recipient as their IT department sets the controls.