Do you have a gripe with your bus stop? Well, now is your chance to rate your Auckland bus shelter.

Today the Public Transport Users Association (PTUA) launches an Auckland-wide campaign to higlight the best and worst bus stops in the region.

The Facebook page campaign aims to celebrate bus stops that provide shelter, amenity, good passenger information and safe access to buses.

"We're inviting bus users to share their quality services to be celebrated, on the 'best or worst bus stop' facebook page," PTUA chairperson Christine Rose said. "We know however, that not all bus stops are up to standard. And we'd like bus users to share these too."


PTUA co-ordinator Jon Reeves said the need for good quality bus stops is paramount.

"With more than 50 million bus trips by Aucklanders alone per annum, and patronage below intended targets, bus shelters can be the weakest link for users, especially in winter."

Reeve said PTUA would like to see the worst examples of bus stops, "in hope of improving quality stops around the region".

"Most trips originate in the suburbs, and this is where the bus experience can fall down. This campaign aims to bring bus stops into focus as an often generally overlooked part of the bus users' experience."

The Public Transport Users Association represents public transport users.

The campaign is launching today at a bus stop outside Auckland's SkyCity on Victoria St from 4pm. There will be prizes for the best and worst bus stop photos.

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Posted by Best and Worst bus stop campaign on Thursday, 28 January 2016