A Rotorua woman is hoping "power in numbers" may result in lower power prices for Kiwis.

Bella Moke has set up a website - www.200kclub.org.nz - and is seeking a membership of 200,000 householders nationwide.

"When this number is reached I will have a team go to the major power companies to broker the cheapest deals for our consumers.

"I estimate a savings to consumers of around $1000 per annum."

Miss Moke said she hoped to also be able to negotiate no charge to consumers for early exit of contracts and no charge to join.

"Once the deal is brokered, we can look at driving costs down for other goods and services. For example, phone, internet, insurance, cars and whiteware."

She started the website last December.


"It is simply a matter of consumers having a significant say in how much they pay for goods and services, and striking better terms and conditions around those transactions.

"It is all about collective muscle - power in numbers. All demographics are included. All get to benefit."

Miss Moke said she was working towards getting a "think tank" of students to help her get the message out to the nation, such as through social media.

Electricity Authority acting chief executive Androula Dometakis said it was great consumers were actively seeking out better power deals.

"The 200kclub is looking to help consumers, which is a positive initiative in a competitive electricity market."

She said buying groups such as the 200k club, were a useful tool for consumers to improve their bargaining position.

"They are common in parts of the electricity market here and overseas, but not as yet in the residential sector in New Zealand.

"We recently were working on the retail data project, which aims to increase consumer participation in the retail electricity market, by improving consumers' access to information to enable them to make more confident, better and faster decisions, including switching decisions."

Ms Dometakis said any consumer who shopped around for the best deal, either directly or through a new initiative, could find a good deal for their household.

"The average amount New Zealanders could save in a year was $175 if they switched to the cheapest deal in their area."

Those who wish to register with Miss Moke's initiative can register at www.200kclub.org.nz or contact her at info@200kclub.org.nz or (022) 324 2540 or (07) 347 2863.