Apple's iPhone 7 might not be out for a couple of months, but a new video is claiming to offer an extended look at the upcoming smartphone.

Posted on Chinese social network Weibo, the video appears to coincide with previous rumours surrounding the highly anticipated iPhone 7.

Comparing the apparent new smartphone with its predecessor, the iPhone 7 appears to have mostly kept the same outward appearance, offering a few minor changes.

Earlier in the year, sources from inside Apple's Chinese supply chain confirmed the headphone jack would be absent from the iPhone 7 and this would appear to be correct.


The video highlights the absence of the jack, which has been replaced with a second set of speaker grates.

An upgrade to the imaging hardware is also indicated in the video, with the 4.7-inch iPhone 7 having a much larger camera hole than its predecessors.

Although, the design of the camera appears to still have a slight bump - something that has long been a grievance of iPhone users.

Apple's latest product also appears to have removed the thin "antenna lines" that run across the top and bottom of the rear of the device.

Smartphone repair man Jeff Snyder toldTech Insider these lines "provide a clean escape route for the signal to get through the case".

It is unclear how Apple will achieve this without the lines, but a patent filed last year for a composite material that will allow radio signals to escape could be the answer.

While the design doesn't appear to be much different, the phone is believed to include an improved processor, which obviously couldn't be seen in the video.

Other rumours suggest the phone will be available with its current 4.7-inch display, while also offering two 5.5-inch models.

The second 5.5-inch model has been dubbed the "iPhone 7 Pro" and will offer premium features including a dual lens camera - obviously, the video shows no indication of this.