Temporary, pre-built houses could be placed on empty lots in Auckland to help ease the housing shortage, Prime Minister John Key says.

Mr Key confirmed today that "pop-up" homes were one of a range of housing options being considered by Social Housing Minister Paula Bennett.

"And if the need arises or the opportunity exists she might do those kinds of things," he told reporters today.

The Government has been advised there is space for 150 temporary homes in Auckland.


Temporary housing units have previously been used in Christchurch for families displaced by earthquakes.

Around 120 units were set up in the city's parks and housed more than 1000 households.
Mrs Bennett said no decisions had been made on the initiative in Auckland.

"We've definitely been looking at options around modular housing and others but we just want to make sure ... that those things could possibly come together."

She said that if "everything went according to plan", people could be living in the homes by April.

The first 150 homes could be used as a "tester" for how quickly modular homes could constructed, and whether they passed quality standards.

Temporary homes were originally being considered by the Government last year for people whose state houses were being redeveloped.