It's the fast food chain where Kiwi kids get their first taste of paid employment, but in Australia McDonald's is broadening its recruitment criteria.

Queensland retiree Graham Berndt is McLovin' his new job at his local McDonald's, where he serves as a host for two five-hour shifts a week.

The 79-year-old grandfather works alongside his grandchildren, greeting customers and refilling condiment trays, as well as sweeping floors, wiping down tables and carrying older patrons' trays.

"I'm a host, I try to help people like the pensioners that come into the store and are unable to take the trays to the table," Berndt told the Today Show.


"I clean the tables, I put all the salt and pepper, the tissues, the straws out.

"When the girls are busy, I take some orders out for them [drive-thru customers]. I try to save them the time because it's all go, go, go in the store."

While it's been a whopping 25 years since Mr Berndt retired, he has re-embraced working life with the enthusiasm of the young-at-heart.