Ride share business Uber is dropping its fares in Auckland and Wellington by 20 per cent and making it easier for drivers to get on the Uber platform by reducing the time and cost to become accredited.

The company has announced changes to its model today that include new processes that cut the cost of becoming an Uber driver to $20 and take around six days to complete, compared with the three months and around $1500 previously required to get the three different licenses.

Uber New Zealand general manager Oscar Peppitt had previously said the time and cost required to become an Uber driver was not realistic for most people. The company says the changes would make Uber more accessible.

"Not only will this make it more affordable for you to get where you need to go, but from past experience, for driver-partners, higher demand for rides means more time moving people, less time spent waiting around and more money in their back pocket," the company said.


"We have also heard from thousands of New Zealanders that the processes to get on the Uber platform can take far too long and cost too much. Today that changes. We are introducing new processes that cut the cost of getting on the road to $20 and take only around six days to complete, making flexible earning opportunities for residents in Auckland and Wellington even more accessible."

Uber has also removed the need to have a commercial license but said it would continue to ensure every driver had passed a criminal background check from the Ministry of Justice as well as a driving history check from the New Zealand Transport Agency before they could drive on the Uber platform.

The company has also introduced a rule that cars on the platform have to be from 2006 or newer, and have third party property damage insurance as well as a current warrant of fitness.