Nature is taking its course with two Cape Palliser coastal properties at risk of falling into the sea.

The South Wairarapa's District Council has told the owners their baches will have to go.

The two properties on Cape Palliser Rd are "perched precariously" over the edge of a cliff as a result of rapid erosion after storms hammered the south coast last year.

One is near Whatarangi and the other is at Te Kopi, where a third bach gave way to erosion in August, dropping to the beach below.


After this incident SWDC wrote to the owners of the remaining two properties saying they had to demolish or remove the structures because they were determined dangerous under the Building Act.

Use of the two buildings was forbidden and warning signs were put up to warn people to steer clear of the sites.

SWDC planning and environment group manager Murray Buchanan said in a report, tabled at Wednesday's council meeting, the owners had until April 20 to comply with the notice.

Mr Buchanan told the Times-Age neither owner had contacted council "to express disagreement".

"We can only presume at this point that they intend to comply."

He said council would be inspecting the sites after the deadline to check whether the buildings had been removed or demolished: "We can at that point, if the buildings are still there, arrange for their removal at the owners' cost."

Mr Buchanan said before such a step was taken, council would try to contact the owners to confirm their intentions.