"Distinguished", says the ad, but remember all the cops arriving?

The Dotcom mansion is being marketed as "distinguished and magnificent" but many people will recall the unusual spectre of police swooping on the property at Coatesville, northwest of Auckland.

Yes, like something out of a Hollywood blockbuster, the property will live on in the memory of many New Zealanders as more the target for law enforcement than as a posh home you might like to consider your own.

Barfoot & Thompson's ad makes it sound very flash.


"One of New Zealand's most distinguished and magnificent properties is now for sale. The well-known English-style country estate just out of Auckland is a stunning display of architecture, lavish in scope and luxurious in detail. Prospective buyers have the option to either enjoy this luxury home and all its grounds or benefiting from the rewards offered by the properties subdivision opportunity.

"This one-of-a-kind home is grand in every way, from its commanding entrance to its most private living spaces, while the grounds provide for never-ending views, activities and considerable future development potential. The four-level mansion was designed by renowned architectural designer Greg Noble and masterfully constructed over four years, becoming notable as one of the country's grandest and most expensive property builds of its time," the ad says.

Tenders close April 21 unless sold before then.

See a Google Map of the site here:

Five things you didn't know about the Dotcom mansion:


It has 12 bedrooms. Got enough kids or relatives to fill all those? So popular you can only just stick all your guests in there? Go on, be bold and expand. Buy it then plan to add a further 12...just because you can. Oh and it's got nine bathrooms, so no waiting outside doors in this place to get to the loo.

2. This place is a truly global accomplishment: the balustrades are from France, walk-in wardrobe from Rome, roof tiles and stone from china and India, Chandeliers and floor tiles from Italy. Frolic in the huge pool and contemplate all that at your leisure.

3. Lots of land, enough to get lost in: 22.6ha including your own vineyard, lake and boat house, manicured parkland and sculptures. If it's all too much, think about carving some of it off and subdividing. That's allowed under the Proposed Unitary Plan so don't feel saddled right from the start.

4. Want to get in and have a gander? Keen for a nosy? Well sorry but it's appointment only. Contact the Barfoot & Thompson agent Christina Tang at the agency's Ponsonby office at work on 3763039 or 021 2895688.

5. And the address? 186 Mahoenui Valley Rd, Coatesville.