A Trade Me listing to rent the bottom tier of a bunk-bed in a prime Auckland location has been removed.

Alex Haddad created the flatmates-wanted listing on the website, advertising a double bed in a two-bedroom apartment on Queen St for $170 per week, with internet, power and water included for free.

Also provided free are toilet tissues, laundry powder, fabric softener, salt, sugar and cooking oil.

The advertisement said the top mattress is occupied by a 20-year-old Japanese woman.


It asked for a female flatmate, and stated that any prospective tenant would preferably stay in the bottom bed alone.

Mr Haddad said asking for tenants to share rooms was "not unusual in New Zealand".

"I think it's very common. There are many other listings, if you search on Trade Me, with the same format.

"It's very hard and expensive to live in Auckland."

Mr Haddad, who is originally from Brazil, told the Herald he would prefer that a student moved into the apartment as he was studying himself.

"Most of [the replies] have been from international students. I give preference to students ... they have a lifestyle similar to mine."

There were three existing flatmates, the Japanese woman and two Brazilian men.

He was also advertising for a double bed in the living room of the same apartment, asking for a single tenant.

That listing had also been removed.

Mr Haddad refused to comment on the withdrawals.

Last month, the Herald reported on renters in Auckland who were sharing bedrooms and "hot-bedding" to cope with sky-rocketing rents.

International students are believed to be the most vulnerable to exploitation in the rental market, with the cost of renting an apartment close to university campuses jumping out of reach for those on limited incomes.

The bunk-bed listing stated there was one international student in the apartment already, and promoted its proximity to central-city universities.

Under the Housing Improvement Regulations 1947, a house is over-crowded if two people over the age of 10, of the opposite sex, are sharing a room, unless they're a couple.