First, New Lynn got a huge new block of apartments. Now it's Avondale's turn, with units selling from $375,000 and cars to be stacked on top of each other to save space.

As Auckland moves towards intensifying land development to meet strong demand, plans have emerged for a 91-unit apartment block on the site of the former Avondale RSA at the corner of Rosebank Rd and Layard St.

Developer Jon Sandler said places at Flo Apartments would be affordable, starting from $375,000 and ranging up to more than $700,000, all on land declared a Special Housing Area (SHA).

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Ten per cent of the units must be considered affordable to meet the SHA requirements.

The apartment block is designed by Young & Richards.

In New Lynn, apartments sold off the plans for the 10-level Merchant Quarter.

Investors and owner/occupiers are being asked to sign up for information about the development of the five-level cube-shaped building which will have space-saving car parking stackers.

"We've named the apartments Flo because of the flow of air, light, transport, views and community around this space," Sandler said. "Avondale's Whau River also flows nearby."

Catherine Farmer, Whau Local Board chairwoman, welcomed the project.

"Any developments which address our housing shortage are welcome and also it will be right near the Avondale train station and we'll have the central rail link so it's all good news," she said.

Marketing material says the units will be 24 minutes by train to the CBD and only a few minutes to New Lynn's new Brickworks entertainment complex.

We've named the apartments Flo because of the flow of air, light, transport, views and community around this space. Avondale's Whau River also flows nearby.


Farmer said the site was ideal for apartments.

"They'll have good views out over the Waitakeres as well because the site is on a ridge near Blockhouse Bay Rd so it will have extraordinary views and it will add to the vibrancy of the Avondale shops which is the next priority area as far as we're concerned," Farmer said.

"In our long-term plan funding with the council, we have got money to rebuild the Avondale Community Centre - $5.5 million - and $6 million for a Whau Recreation Centre," she said.

"Developments like this go with our thoughts to make Avondale the next best place for people to live."

See a Google Map of the location here: