A water diviner who was not paid his full salary for more than a year has been awarded more than $140,000.

Albert Grant Birchall developed non-chemical water treatment technology, the rights to which were sold to Converging Equities Limited (CEL).

CEL acquires companies and then uses its management experience to add value to the company.

It also acquires the rights to products or technologies and then forms companies to operate the associated business.


CEL formed Breznaq Limited to operate Mr Birchall's technology.

In 2008 Mr Birchall was employed by Breznaq to provide water divining services.

He was paid fortnightly until the end of 2010, and then in 2011 he was paid at a much lower rate. In 2012 these payments ended.

Mr Birchall went to the Employment Relations Authority seeking unpaid salary as well as unpaid expenses.

ERA member Rosemary Monaghan ordered Breznaq to pay Mr Birchall $132,307 in unpaid salary and $8008.63 in unpaid expenses.