Megaupload millionaire Kim Dotcom and his family have been granted a $60,000 a month living allowance.

In a minute released today by Justice Judith Potter in the High Court at Auckland, she allowed $20,000 a month to be paid to Dotcom from interest on $10 million worth of Government Bonds.

A second monthly payment of $40,000 is to come from his Rabobank account, which currently has $301,758.70 in it.

Dotcom was also given back the use of his 2011 Mercedes Benz but he has to arrange insurance and garaging of the car.


The US Government is seeking to extradite Dotcom and three New Zealand-based associates on charges including copyright infringement and wire fraud relating to the file-sharing website Megaupload - in what prosecutors allege was a "mega conspiracy''.

Dotcom's associate Bram van der Kolk, who is also facing charges, has been allowed to withdraw monthly payments of $9166 for living expenses.

Millions of dollars worth of assets and bank accounts in Dotcom's business empire were frozen when international and local bank accounts, assets and property were placed under restraining orders following his arrest in January.

At a hearing last month, Dotcom had sought the payments to cover the rent of his rented Coatesville mansion, which totals $1 million per year, and a payment towards the maintenance costs of the property, estimated to be $600,000 a year.

At that hearing, Justice Potter agreed to release a Toyota Vellfire van to Mrs Dotcom. She was also given $12,650 to cover medical costs and $20,000 to cover living expenses.

An extradition hearing for the four will be held in August. Dotcom is on bail and living at the mansion he owns at Coatesville.

His wife is due to give birth to twins next month.