AA Insurance has revealed the personal items we lose most often.

The company's claims data between June 2010 and May 2011 shows eyewear (spectacles and sunglasses) accounted for almost one third of accidental loss claims, followed by jewellery, hearing aids and mobile phones.

AA Insurance estimated that accidental loss of personal items cost the New Zealand insurance industry $2.9 million in claims per year, with the average claim being $1380.

AA Insurance's head of corporate affairs Suzanne Wolton said she expected to see a rise in the number of accidental loss claims lodged as a result of the number of people travelling around New Zealand for the Rugby World Cup.


She urged anyone who was planning on heading to a game, or to a local bar to watch a game, to only take with them what they need.

"A mobile phone can be easily replaced but any data stored on the device, such as personal information and banking details, could fall into the wrong hands if you don't look after your belongings," she said.

Top accidental loss claims

1. Eyewear
2. Jewellery
3. Hearing aids
4. Mobile phones
5. Electrical goods (MP3 players, headphones)
6. Personal items (items from more than one category)
7. Dentures
8. Cameras (including accessories)
9. Laptops
10. Frozen foods