Amanda Hotchin claims she has proof that she was misquoted by a newspaper about not having to justify her family's lifestyle.

The Sunday Star-Times published a report last May 16 that quoted Mrs Hotchin, the wife of Hanover Finance founder Mark Hotchin, as saying: "We don't have to justify where we get our money from or what it is spent on to anyone. I don't care what anyone says."

Mrs Hotchin sent affidavits to former broadcaster Brian Edwards in response to a blog post he wrote on the Hotchins' lifestyle in contrast to those of Hanover investors - many of whom lost their life savings and retirement funds when the finance company collapsed.

Mrs Hotchin claims she did not say this and has proof to back up her claim.

The documents were given to Dr Edwards on the agreement that he would not publish them or name the people who had sworn them.

Sunday Star-Times publisher and managing editor Mitchell Murphy said the paper had no further comment to add to a statement it made last month.

"The wife of failed finance company Hanover co-owner Mark Hotchin was reported in other media last week as claiming she did not make remarks attributed to her in the Sunday Star-Times last year. We stand behind the story. Amanda Hotchin indicated defamation proceedings would be launched. None have been. Should they be, they will be defended."

Mrs Hotchin had considered legal action but backed down, claiming the litigation would be too costly and the damage to her and her family's reputation had already been done. She told Dr Edwards that she cared greatly about what happened to Hanover investors and denied speaking the words the reporter claims she did.

"The quote is pure fabrication. I have four sworn affidavits from people who were present or nearby when I told the reporter to leave the property. Two of those affidavits are from two Americans working on site at the request of the rental management company, (who I do not know personally) and who overheard our exchange and confirm I said nothing like what I was quoted as saying."

She adds: "The point is I do care what people say. The constant media and public comment about my husband, Hanover and myself has become a hate campaign. Over the last year I have learned to my cost that not everything you read, hear or see in the media is true.

"I am not, as you suggest in that blog, absolutely selfish, lacking in conscience and indifferent to the welfare of others. I care very much about what has happened, I do care that investors have lost money, I am concerned for their welfare."

The Hotchins were criticised for holidaying in Hawaii and for building a $30 million mansion on Auckland's Paritai Drive - which is now on the market. In December, the Securities Commission froze Mr Hotchin's NZ assets. He has been with his family on the Gold Coast.

- Brian Edwards has since updated his website, saying that lawyers for the Sunday Star Times had sent a 'menacing letter' threatening him with defamation action and asking him not to make the letter itself public.