Key Points:

Canned, cooked chicken is the latest addition to our supermarket shelves.

And the motivation behind the product is about minimising a health threat.

Chicken is renowned for its Campylobacter food poisoning risk. According to the New Zealand Food Safety Authority, New Zealand's rate of Campylobacter food poisoning is much higher than many developed nations.

With obesity rates also a significant problem for Kiwis, the innovation of canning the chicken is drawing favour with nutritionists, says the company behind the product.

The "Chop Chop!" branded chicken is free from the risk of food poisoning because it is fully cooked - eliminating the risk of undercooking it, or of cross contamination from chopping boards and utensils when handling raw chicken.

"Our chickens are barn-raised and the canned chicken is fully cooked chicken breast that is both high in protein and low in fat," said Amanda Flockhart, marketing manager for Chop Chop.