A Canadian professor who became an internet sensation almost overnight and with a cult-like following is touching down in Auckland to speak about his book, 12 Rules of Life: The Antidote To Chaos.

People say the life lessons in Dr Jordan Peterson's self-help style book can't be argued with. They include things like standing up straight with your shoulders back, making friends with those who want the best for you and not bothering children while they are skateboarding.

However, the clinical psychologist's views on gender politics and his opposition to the recent Canadian law making it illegal not to use preferred pronouns for transgender people have been greeted with a strong backlash.

Peterson's unflappable interview with Britain's Channel 4 news host Cathy Newman skyrocketed him to fame.


The interview - in which he argues his views on transgender pronouns, gender equality and equal pay - has more than 15 million views and bumped up sales of his book.

The interview also resulted in the creation of countless memes, coffee cups and T-shirts listing Peterson's 12 rules and parodies of Peterson as Kermit the Frog - a character even he admits he sounds like.

Activist group Auckland Peace Action has accused Peterson of homophobia and racism.

"In the lead-up to Jordan Peterson's visit to New Zealand we have a duty to condemn his sexist, queerphobic, racist and deeply reactionary views," Iris Krzyzosiak, of Auckland Peace Action, said.

Peterson turned the opposition into an opportunity for ticket sales and took to Twitter: "Apparently my 'presence in New Zealand is worrying as it threatens many of the basic values of our society'."

He then directed followers to a link for tickets.

On his recent tour of Australia, Peterson sold out Sydney's Opera House in three minutes and scalped tickets to the show were reportedly on resale sites for upward of $900.

In New Zealand, his first Auckland show has sold out and tickets for a second show, which are priced from $98, are selling fast.

The most expensive tickets - which include a meet and greet - are $319.

He is also speaking in Christchurch, to a sold-out crowd, and in Wellington.

Promoters for his show said it will feature "revolutionary talks on overcoming life's biggest obstacles, how to improve oneself, the psychology of religion, mythology, and much more".

Followers on Twitter and YouTube credit him with changing their lives.

At Harvard, he was nominated for the prestigious Levinson Teaching Prize.

At Toronto University his lectures were so well received they were turned into a popular 13-part series on TVO.

His YouTube channel has more than 1.5 million subscribers, and videos average a million views.

New Zealand shows
Auckland: February 18, Great Hall (sold out)
Christchurch: February 20, Isaac Theatre (sold out)
Wellington: February 21, Michael Fowler Centre (still available)
Auckland: February 23, Logan Campbell Centre (selling fast)

Dr Jordan Peterson's 12 Rules
Rule #1 - Stand up straight with your shoulders back
Rule #2 - Treat yourself like you're someone responsible for helping
Rule #3 - Make friends with those who want the best for you
Rule #4 - Compare yourself to who you were yesterday, not to who others are today
Rule #5 - Don't let your children do anything that makes you dislike them
Rule #6 - Put your house in perfect order before you criticise the world
Rule #7 - Do what is meaningful and not what is expedient
Rule #8 - Tell the truth, or at least don't lie
Rule #9 - Assume that the person you're listening to knows something you don't
Rule #10 - Be precise in your speech
Rule #11 - Don't bother children while they're skateboarding
Rule #12 - Pet a cat when you encounter one on the street