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Eveline Harvey is an Auckland-based writer and editor.


  • 9 Dec, 2016 1:00pm
  • 6 minutes to read
A huge new body of water on their property wasn't part of their plan, but these North Canterbury farmers want to make hay while the sun shines.
  • 30 Jul, 2015 3:00pm
  • 3 minutes to read
A friendly Aussie convinces Eveline Harvey to try out his local, and she likes the vibe.
  • 4 Aug, 2012 1:00pm
  • 5 minutes to read
There's a spot in Waiuku where your troubles are kneaded away, writes Eveline Harvey.

World Cup blog: Cautious steps towards becoming a fan

  • 15 Oct, 2011 3:00pm
  • 4 minutes to read
It's tough being a rugby novice five weeks into a Rugby World Cup tournament.