Don't be surprised if you see some furry critters on Auckland's trains next week.

From Sunday, pet owners will be able to take their furry and feathery friends on Auckland trains, as long as they are in a cage or other carrier that would fit under a seat or on their owner's lap.

But, they will only be able to travel outside peak hours, at weekends and on public holidays.

Auckland Transport spokeswoman Stacey van der Putten said the trial was one of the steps it was taking to make public transport more accessible.


Many Aucklanders did not have access to a vehicle to take their animal to the vet or to explore the city.

How to transport your pets. Image / Auckland Transport
How to transport your pets. Image / Auckland Transport

Pet owners would be responsible for cleaning up any doo-doos.

Auckland Councillor Cathy Casey said it was a great step forward in a city where pet owners had effectively been barred from public transport for a long time.

"It is good news for the owners of Auckland's 103,000 registered dogs. Our pets are an integral part of our lives and I am very pleased that we can now travel with them on off-peak trains across the region. I expect the trial to be a howling success."

Casey said there would be accidents but dog owners needed to be prepared with plastic bags.

Every responsible owner looked after their pet, like she did when she took her dog into a TV studio, Casey said.

Casey said she made sure Suzie was walked and all her needs were administered to - in other words she was weed and pooed beforehand.