An Auckland man has been praised around the country after generously paying it forward to struggling Kiwis.

The anonymous man was overwhelmed with how many people in New Zealand are struggling to get food on their tables.

So he decided to chip in and help those less fortunate, offering to purchase food for 20 Kiwis in desperate need of a meal to help them get through the week.

"I imagined maybe a few people were struggling and could do with a nice pizza to brighten up their day, but the amount of hungry, struggling people out there was insane," the man wrote on Reddit.


"I'd like to give away 20 x $5 vouchers later this afternoon to those who could do with some warm food tonight. You'd need to be able to get yourself to a Domino's, but these can be used online to order and you could pick up [or pay for delivery if you wanted!].

"Cheers, and hope you're all having a nice Sunday!"

Hundreds of desperate Kiwis commented in asking to be chosen to receive a free pizza, opening up about their struggles.

Many of those in need appeared to be facing financial struggles, including some facing emotional hardship along with a lack of funds.

"I'm down to $6 till Thursday night like RidinTheMonster. S**t day too. Misses dumped me and I've had f*** all sleep. A pizza would be an awesome pick me up," one person wrote.

Another revealed he was using his last amount of money to feed his dog and said he'd struggle through the week himself.

"I'm using my last $7 on dog food I can manage at home with what's there is till payday I hope [hella Mac n cheese] but I could really go with a cheese pizza!"

Others indicated they were struggling uni students or parents on limited income and tight budgets.

The generous Kiwi has been praised for paying it forward to those struggling to put food on the table. Photo / Reddit
The generous Kiwi has been praised for paying it forward to those struggling to put food on the table. Photo / Reddit

The Aucklander's generosity hasn't gone unnoticed with hundreds of people thanking the man for paying it forward.

"You're a bloody great New Zealander", one person declared.

"You're the hero we need, not the one we deserve."

Another from overseas wrote: "Greetings from Colorado! We visited New Zealand this past March and fell in love with your beautiful country. Seeing this wonderful acts of kindness for your fellow Kiwis just makes me love the place even more."

It's not the first time the poster has paid it forward, when in May he offered free pizza to struggling Kiwis on Mother's Day.

The poster's generosity was matched by Domino's who donated to the City Mission.