The staff at Mount Eden's Scarlett Slimms & Lucky gastropub are fuming after a thief stole their neon sign worth around $10,000.

A burglar snuck into the venue's courtyard on Sunday night and stole the front part of the sign but forgot the components that make it work.

He returned on Monday night to attempt to steal the components only to be caught on camera and fleeing before police could arrive.

"It's more annoying than anything, it's going to take a couple of weeks to [make a new one and] put it back on.


"It's made in Australia and delivered to New Zealand, then the guy comes and puts it in … its a long process," manager Jimmy Manes told the Herald.

Scarlett Slimms & Lucky has offered a $200 food and beverage voucher for anyone who can provide information into who stole the sign.

The burglar was recorded on camera walking past the courtyard two times before jumping inside on the third.

"They chose the right night. Whoever has taken it has obviously been watching for a while because Sunday night is the quietest night and the village is quiet.

"They took the sign off but forgot the main part that it goes with, so he came back on Monday night again," Manes said.

A police spokesperson said they received a report about it being stolen earlier this week.

He said anyone with information should contact Avondale Police on 09 302 6400 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.