A Whanganui artist says he felt so sickened by losing a backpack with valuable contents on an InterCity bus from Auckland he vomited.

Peter Ireland took the 8.45am bus to Whanganui from Auckland last Thursday and said the driver put his two bags in the hold under the bus.

"When we got to Whanganui there was only one of my bags in the hold," he said.

"[The missing bag] had my computer, all my chargers, my raincoat, my camera, my keys, my medication, the mock-up of a book I'm working on, $100 worth of books or research papers."


Ireland, who is a painter and a researcher, had been in the Bay of Islands doing research and he said his computer, camera and the files that went with them were all unique.

"It's pretty devastating really. Not everything was backed up and it's going to take me a while to recover from this in terms of practicality.

"I did throw up at one point. I just felt sick in my stomach at the implications of this. InterCity have shown no willingness to apologise."

On its way to Whanganui the bus stopped in Taumarunui where the drivers were changed.

It was this moment, Ireland said, when it was likely his bag was lost.

A bag similar to the one Peter Ireland lost while taking an InterCity bus from Auckland to Whanganui.
A bag similar to the one Peter Ireland lost while taking an InterCity bus from Auckland to Whanganui.

"My feeling is that it was offloaded in Taumarunui and somebody's picked it up and taken it away and probably since then thrown everything away because they can't sell it."

Ireland, who recently turned 70, said once it was clear the bag was gone the driver started making calls to try locate it.

They recorded and verified what was lost, but Ireland has since had no word from InterCity since the bag had disappeared.


Ireland said InterCity had shown no willingness to apologise.

When asked about the bag an InterCity spokesperson said the company was following its procedure on lost bags and keeping in contact with the passenger.

Ireland disputed that, saying he was yet to hear anything back from the company since the day the bag went missing.

InterCity added that as part of its terms and conditions, the company advised computers and cameras were unsuitable for checked-in luggage and passengers who put these items in the hold of the bus do so at their own risk.