A man seen driving on a busy Auckland road with a toddler on his lap has been slammed for his actions.

A member of the public snapped the driver on the intersection of Veronica St and Great North Rd, near the LynnMall Shopping Centre in West Auckland, on Saturday afternoon.

The man who took the photo, who asked not to be named, said he and his partner were walking past the vehicle when they spotted the family shortly before 1pm.

A woman was in the back of the vehicle with another young child.


"I could see a child on the driver's lap. My partner told the woman in the back: 'You can't do this, it's so dangerous'.

"She kept saying it was okay, but my partner was telling her it was not okay."

The man said the driver then wound down the passenger window - where another child was seated - and yelled at them.

"After he told me to f*** off, that's when I got my phone out and took a photo.''

The couple, who took the vehicle's number plate down, went to the Henderson Police Station to report the incident, in the hopes the driver would be called up for his actions.

"It was just crazy," the man said.

"It was just the toddler in between him and the wheel. If something had happened, that would've been it.

"He was putting that child's life at risk.''