A police guard remains at a property in Mangere, South Auckland, where gunshots were heard late last night.

Several police officers, some of them armed, stand guard outside a house at Staverton Crescent this afternoon.

Other officers can be seen walking in and out of the property, carrying their work. A van and two cars in the driveway have their windows completely smashed out.

A fourth car just in front of the house also has damage to the windows.


An officer can be seen taking photographs of the damage.

The curtains are closed at the house and mail sticks out from the letterbox.

Neighbours said they heard a commotion around midnight.

"Woke us up, that's for sure. There was a lot of yelling and screaming. There must've been at least eight or nine of them running down the street.

"One was yelling: 'Ease up motherf***er'!"

The neighbour said there were at least three or four vehicles involved last night.

Two were seen speeding down a side street - a dead end - before zooming back out and out towards the main road."

Another resident on the street said the family had been at the house for a long time and were a good family that kept to themselves.