A Remuera resident says residents in her street are fed up with the flooding that occurs during downpours.

This morning's heavy rain saw some Portland Rd residents trapped in their houses and the road almost impassable.

One resident, Robyn Waterfall, told The Aucklander she was unable to leave her property and missed an important appointment.

She took pictures on her phone to prove the point, over a problem she says residents have been complaining about for eight years.


"There are many children in this area and when it rains like this it is extremely hazardous especially as Victoria Ave Primary is above my driveway and children use our driveway as a shortcut to reach Portland Rd," she says.

"It is also extremely dangerous because cars are u-turning everywhere and increasing their speed to get through the water quickly."

She says residents have been told by Auckland Council that the stormwater gates cannot handle capacity when it pours, especially if it's high tide or king tide.

"We pay high rates and house prices are huge in this area however we are living in sub-standard conditions whenever it rains."

Auckland Council says it is aware of the problem.

"Auckland was subject this morning to significant rainfall that caused a number of flood events, including in Portland Rd, which runs alongside the Waitaramoa Creek just before emptying into Hobson Bay. This area is low-lying, below the level of some high tides and it requires tidal gates to protect it from tidal flooding," spokesperson Charlotte Haycock says.

"Today's heavy rain coincided with a high tide of 3.2 metres at 9.05am so the rain was not able to flow out to sea."


She says the situation has been of concern to the council and residents for some time.

"We are developing a design that will increase the capacity of the creek and the adjacent wetland. Other improvements will reduce the frequency of road floodwater being unable to flow out to sea."

She says those improvements include re-opening a length of stream and culvert under Shore Rd. There will also be "environmental enhancements to the creek and wetland", that will help protect residents' homes.

Council says the design will soon be completed and construction is due to start in the summer of 2013/2014, subject to the necessary consents.

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