The word purity isn't one you hear bandied about often in the world of music.

For me it's the perfect word to begin to describe Holly Arrowsmith's voice and the way in which she has created this record in a totally organic manner.

You don't get closer to the source than recording your own music in a bach at Colac Bay in the Catlins or at the Sitting Room studio in Lyttleton.

Mostly it's Holly herself and her guitar with minimal input from piano, slide guitar, occasionally bass and backing vocals. Pure.


There's a trio of female singers who come to mind while listening to A Dawn to Remember, and if it sounds like high praise to put Holly on the same page, that's because her uniqueness demands it. So if your music knowledge has a few years on the clock, think early Joan Baez or the other females with superstar voices in Joni Mitchell and Emmy Lou Harris.

Yes, Holly Arrowsmith is new and fresh but it's that purity that grabs you not many songs into this album.

There's no lush production, very few bells and whistles, but boy does this music resonates long after the final track has been played.

Here's hoping that Holly Arrowsmith's A Dawn to Remember is just the beginning of a long journey that will always have the feel and sound of purity.

Listen to one of Holly Arrowsmiths new singles Every Kingdom below: