Address: 1210 Great North Rd, Pt Chevalier
Open: Mon-Sun, 7am-3pm
Phone: (09) 217 3673
We spent: $56 for three

Set up & site:

It was a wet, wintry day and the outdoor area was under construction, indoor seating was scant, with three stools in total. Two were occupied, things weren't going to plan. My parents, in their 70s, were on their way and the couple whose coffee and food had long finished wouldn't budge. My anxiety quickly dissolved when the staff invited us to use the front counter, so we gathered around the pie warmer and watched the bakery in action — staff traversing from oven to counter with trays of heavenly treats. Daily Bread, set in Pt Chev's former ASB Bank, a stunning 1930s classic revival building, is a collaboration between Orphans Kitchen and Patrick Welzenbach, a 22nd generation German baker. As recent converts to the health and taste benefits of fermented sourdough, we have become regulars, my husband (raised on white bread) now fanatically inhales the seeded loaf.

Daily Bread, Pt Chevalier. Photo / Getty Images
Daily Bread, Pt Chevalier. Photo / Getty Images

Sustenance & swill:

The cabinet holds a mouth-watering display of artisan pastries and breads — all hand-crafted, naturally leavened and made with New Zealand-grown organic or spray-free flour. The menu is largely centred around the specialty sourdough loaves with housemade toppings, including Nutella, Orphans marmite, kimchi, sauerkraut, pickles, cured meats, smoked fish and paté. Dad ordered the reuben sandwich with wagyu brisket pastrami, gouda, kawakawa sauerkraut, mustard ($17). Too much sauerkraut made for messy eating by hand, but the flavour and texture was good. Mum had the curried kumara pie ($7.50) with hot sauce, followed by a cardamom morning bun ($4), which, in her words was "absolute perfection". I have to agree, the fragrant cardamom flavour made this something worth driving across town for. My eggs and soldiers with Orphans marmite ($13) came with perfectly boiled eggs — the yolk runny enough to dip the soldiers. Although they weren't really soldiers, rather large slices of toasted kumara sourdough, which I was happy with, as the portions were generous for spreading burnt butter and the marmite over to soak up the eggy yolk — my inner child was very satisfied. Coffee is Supreme and the lattes ($5) were excellent. Cold drinks include housemade soda, ginger beer, kombucha and freshly squeezed orange juice. Wine and beer are also available.


Service & other stuff: The staff were friendly and food service prompt, with gorgeous vintage mismatched cutlery. Daily bread is also a deli, so you can stock up on organic milk, butter, eggs and olive oil along with your fresh loaf. Everything speaks of food how it used to be made using slow and natural fermentation processes, delivered in a vibrant and beautiful setting; this is a charming addition to the Pt Chevalier food scene.