Music lovers are in for a treat as Auckland's Handel Consort & Quire perform Purcell's The Tempest at the Pitt St Methodist Church this weekend.

The performance will take place on Saturday October 5th in what director Robert Howell says could be a New Zealand first.

HC&Q was established to bring the more unfamiliar works of Handel to public attention.

The Tempest is attributed to the great 17th century English composer Henry Purcell, although just how much of the music was written by Purcell has been questioned in recent years.


It is now believed the work is comprised of a number of composers including Purcell, his student John Weldon and Lully.

It is a semi-operatic adaptation of Shakespeare's play The Tempest and is a story of betrayal between brothers, featuring devilish imps and sprites singing of the retribution of Hell.
Soprano Gina Sanders peforms the role of Amphitrite with tenor Iain Tetley as Aeolus and bass Chalium Poppy as Neptune.

Although it is a concert performance and not staged, the choir and soloists will be dressing appropriately for their characters.

Purcell's Birthday Ode to Queen Mary will also be performed in the same evening.

Purcell's The Tempest
Pitt St Methodist Church
Saturday October 5th