Despite the inevitable decline from child star to adult star, it seems unlikely Selena Gomez will ever make headlines for making an idiot of herself at a music awards - a la Miley Cyrus. Even while prancing around singing her bubblegum pop, Justin Bieber's ex maintains an air of sensibility that suggests she'll never do a Britney, Lindsay or Miley.

On Stars Dance, billed as the Disney star's debut because former backing band the Scene (with whom she made three albums) are not featured, she steps things up a notch, most noticeably on the catchy lead single Come & Get It, and opening track Birthday. The latter's like a strange dubstep-lite mix of the Breeders and Icona Pop. Fans of dance music, particularly Europop, will find plenty to enjoy here.

Selena Gomez
Stars Dance
Rating: 3 / 5