Art has been a huge part of Denis Robinson's life since he decided to do a graphic design course at polytech in Wellington a good number of years ago.

Since then, he has worked with artists throughout his career as a designer, art director and gallery manager.

He has also been a tour guide of art museums in Europe.

It would be fair to say he knows a lot of talented people in New Zealand and abroad.


He has used this knowledge to compile his latest book, Artists' Impressions of New Zealand.

The beautiful book takes readers on a colourful trip through New Zealand, from Northland to the south of the South Island.

Robinson says he has built up a database of artists over the years. "I came up with the concept of a journey through New Zealand showing different styles," he says.

"There are plenty of books out there with photographs of New Zealand, so I thought why not a look at our country through paintings."

Robinson called for submissions and believes he has chosen paintings that capture the essence of each region.

Each selected artist was then asked to write an extended caption about the painting and its subject.

This is Robinson's seventh book featuring New Zealand artists, all of them best-sellers. So does he have a favourite artist? "I like them all for different reasons," he says.

"I don't really like art critics because art is such a personal choice. You could put 12 people in a room looking at one painting and find six love it and six hate it, all for different reasons."


It's a book to browse through at your leisure and return to often because, as with all good art, the more you look at a painting the more you see.

There is certainly plenty to see in the book, with more than 50 artists and 180 of their works featured. A real treasure for art lovers and proud Kiwis.

Artists' Impressions of New Zealand

Published by New Holland, $55