One Christmas present sorted. My parents are going to love the album Waiata (Maori Showbands, Balladeers & Pop Stars).

This 50-track collection has got it all - Uncle Howie, Billy T, Prince Tui Teka and real old favourites like The Volcanics and The Quin Tikis.

It's a retrospective of popular music between the mid 1950s and the early 1980s and proves Maori are the Jamaicans of the sunrise - like in Jamaica, every man and his kuri can sing. It's all here: guitar party anthems, Kiwi kitsch and some real gems; Bunny Walters with Brandy and both songs by Mark Williams - Sweet Wine and Yesterday Was Just The Beginning of My Life. A version of What Now My Love by The Quin Tikis is so wacky it's awesome. But my favourite listen? Sir Howard with the Beatlesque song Don't Let It Get You.

Stars: 3/5