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An exhibition of new works by artists Clare Purser and Robyn Gibson opens on Tuesday the 7th of September at Auckland's Satellite Gallery.
Clare Purser finds inspiration in the letters and postcards sent 'home' in colonial times to friends and family. Like aged snapshots of another time, the rugged texture of the surface and the ambiguous forms combine and evoke a mood of isolation and mystery.
Painted onto salvaged native wood panels, these small paintings offer glimpses of a raw and primal landscape.
Robyn Gibson's work is uncanny; strange flirtations take place with the viewer in these small noir portrait paintings. The solo subjects are positioned awkwardly within the canvas, as though their peculiar physicality represents the metaphysical constraints placed on them.
There is also a suggestion of illusion; hidden elements inhabit the dark corners where lingering traces of adversity lie among life's affirmations.
The paintings are in oil, applied assiduously with technical know-how and dexterity; their texture, depth and darkness resonate with Robyn's interest in the metaphysical aspect of human nature.
Small Studies, An exhibition of paintings by Clare Purser and Robyn Gibson , at Satellite Gallery , 136 Newton Road, Newton, runs 7th - 24th September 2010. Opening: Tues 7th September, 5.30 – 7pm.

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