Bays Relays, Island Bay - 11 August 2018

Wellington Scottish won the senior mens relay. Their team of Kristian Day, Nick Horspool, Niam Macdonald, Ben Twyman and Harry Burnard won in 1:08:28, from Wellington Athletic Harrier Club 1:12:58 and Scottish B 1:13:03. Melissa Black, Esther George, Maiya Christini, Sarah Drought and Kelsey Forman led the Wellington Harrier Athletic Club to victory in the senior women in 1:20:51, nearly a minute ahead of Scottish with Olympic third.

WHAC won the junior men from Olympic and Olympic won the junior women from WHAC. In the masters Scottish won the MM35-409 from WHAC and Trentham, Scottish won the 50-59 from WHAC and Scottish B, WHAC won the 60+ from Scottish and Olympic and Scottsh won the MW from WHAC and Olympic.


West Chester Mile, West Chester PA, 9 August: Julian Oakley mile 3:57.44 (2).


Queensland Road Walking Championships, Murarrie Recreational Ground, Brisbane, 5 August: Nelson McCutcheon U/18 10km 49:18 (1).


Prominent Canterbury coach and official Zane Dalzell died on 7 July 2018 aged 91.

He competed for the University of Canterbury Athletic Club and was awarded a Canterbury University College athletics Blue in 1947. Dalzell attended Christs College and later was a master at the College from 1949 to 1991. He encouraged the boys to take up athletics as their sport. He was a genius in coaching field events including the pole vault and hammer throw. At Rugby Park Dalzell was an Athletics Canterbury official for field events and later he continued officiating at QE2 Stadium for many years travelling long distances on his bike to get there.

A memorial service for Dalzell was held on Monday 6 August.

Long standing Auckland official and Club administrator Allan Dark died on 5 August 2018 aged 94.

Allan along with his wife Elaine were timekeepers at the finishing line at Mt Smart Stadium for over 40 years. They were both lap timekeepers at the 1990 Auckland Commonwealth Games and were awarded an Athletics Auckland merit award and an Athletics New Zealand long service award. Allan, along with Fred Woods, resurrected the Howick Amateur Athletic and Harrier Club after World War II. Allan held most positions in the Club and was honoured with Life Membership.



Whangarei parkrun 5km, 11 August: Ben Winder 18:11, Sam Rout 18:43, Levi Cohen 18:51.


OHagans 5km, Viaduct Harbour, 7 August: Mitchell Carlyle 16:38, John Mauro 16:42, Gene Rand 16:44. Christine Adamson 19:56, Andy Kane 21:32.

Rat Race 5km, Takapuna, 8 August: Andrew Cave 18:28, Henry Barfoot 18:36, Mark Armitage 19:20. Rachel Clarke 22:10.

Barry Curtis parkrun 5km, 11 August: Jack Ryan 18:16, Shaun Ryan 18:42, Grant Lincoln 18:53.

Cornwall Park parkrun 5km, 11 August: Sam Thom 18:12, Dion ONeale 18:55, Samuel Waldin 19:42. Christine Adamson 21:46.

Millwater parkrun 5km, 11 August: Gene Rand, Troy Harold, Quin Casey. Kate Borton.

Western Springs parkrun 5km, 11 August: Oscar Mahy 18:26, Milad Rafiei 18:36, Adam Holt 18:37. Stephanie Humphrey 21:06.

Run Auckland, Metro Sports Park East, Millwater, 12 August: Half marathon; Mark Boyce 1:12:45, Daniel Shaw 1:14:53, Brad Luiten 1:16:00. Lisa Cross 1:17:12, Nicole Chui 1:24:59, Lauren Taylor 1:35:51. 10km; Nathan Jones 37:26, Josh Hamblyn 38:46, Oliver Heal 39:20. Karen Donaldson-Barron 41:45. 5km; Leo Rimmer 18:08, Sam Williams 18:22, Scott Wallace 18:50. Sophie Robb 19:21, Olivia Page 21:19, Scarlett Robb 21:22.


Lake parkrun 5km, 11 August: Jake Jackson-Grammer 15:54, Joseph Morgan 16:17, Simon Kerr 16:59. Samantha Corbett 18:44, Veronika Adams 19:49, Gemma Horan 20:46.


Kopurererua Valley Reserve parkrun 5km, 11 August: Reuben Tomlinson 17:16, Chris Myland 17:21, Kerry Robinson 19:02.


Puarenga parkrun 5km, 11 August: William OConnor 16:33, Alan Crombie 20:22, Michael Bray 20:51. Rebecca Pullon 21:27.


Waikanae Beach parkrun 5km, 11 August: Josiah Ney 16:21, Caleb Ney 17:43. Lesham Anderson 21:48.


Two Mile Bay Reserve parkrun 5km, 11 August: Samantha Bradley 20:43.


Anderson parkrun 5km, 11 August: Max Taylor 17:06, Matthew Apperley 18:27, Faryn Ngawaka 19:08. Sophie Hogan 20:11, Nikita Wain 20:44.

Palmerston North

Victoria Esplanade parkrun 5km, 11 August: Isaac Murphy 15:20, Benjamin Wall 15:57, Noah Macdermid 16:25. Kara Macdermid 18:02, Dorota Starzak 20:20, Sheree McLean 20:51.


Kapiti Coast parkrun 5km, 11 August: Tom Bland 18:23, Sam Seby-Bennetts 18:42, Leon Goodwin 20:42. Cath Braddock 21:44.

Lower Hutt parkrun 5km, 11 August: Walter Somerville 17:28, James Martin 18:13, Andrew Kerr 18:20. Hannah Martin 18:59.

Porirua parkrun 5km, 11 August: Dean Ford 17:37, Steffan Wong 18:36, Gene McNaught 19:26.


Blenheim parkrun 5km, 11 August: Quintin Adlam 18:49, Robbie Barnes 18:54, Jimmy Johnston 19:01.


Hagley parkrun 5km, 11 August: Alex Kelliher 17:58, Isaac Burwell 18:26, Ben Washington 18:30. Nicola Handley 18:46, Lisa Brignull 19:47, Ariana Summers 19:50.

Pegasus parkrun 5km, 11 August: Ryan Kiesanowski 16:42, Philip Opie 16:57, Mark Reid 17:10. Jo Ramsay 20:25.


Wanaka Station Park parkrun 5km, 11 August: Andy Millard 19:14, Shane Barrett 20:44.


Queenstown Gardens parkrun 5km, 11 August: Nicholas Sunseri 16:36, Steve Fletcher 17:37, Joe Keeley 19:43. Nory Lansing 21:26.


Botanic Garden parkrun 5km, 11 August: Josh Hou 18:12, Casey Pearce 19:37, Bradley Goodall 20:10.

Clyde to Alexandra 10km, 11 August: Jason Hall 32:07, Joshua Baan 32:40, Gregor Findlay 33:30. Tillie Hollyer 38:44, Tanya Copeland 39:04, Bella Bloomfield 39:09.


Queens Park parkrun 5km, 11 August: Thomas Collard 20:45, John Wallace 20:53.

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