The Big Shot and Street Mile, Retro Sports Facility, February 8

Jacko Gill stamped his mark on the Big Shot event with a massive opening throw of 20.83m to eclipse the Rio Olympic Games A qualifying standard of 20.50m and better the New Zealand resident record of 20.79m set by Tom Walsh in winning the 2014 national title in Wellington.

Gill was challenged by Australian Damien Birkinhead, who had a personal best of 20.80m on his first attempt to better the Australian Rio standard.

Gill was hoping to get around the 20.50m mark but was happy to get the qualifier for Rio and also the World Indoor Championships qualification standard.


"It's quite awesome to get near the high end of 20 metres. There's still a lot to go and still a lot to improve on, but I feel like it's starting to come along," he said.

His series was 20.83, x, x, 19.87, 19.94, 20.22.

Walsh was a late withdrawal from the event after sustaining a hip injury during training. While Gill now has the best throw in New Zealand by a New Zealander, Walsh holds the New Zealand national record of 21.62m set in Croatia in September last year.

The Street Mile race was won by Nick Willis in 4:15.9 ahead of Australian 1500m record holder Ryan Gregson. Gregson's time was 4:17.1 and fellow Australian Brett Robinson finished third in 4:19.1 ahead of national 800m champion Brad Mathas who clocked 4:24.7.

Willis now heads to his Michigan base to race indoors in Boston and New York, ahead of the World Indoor Championships in Portland, USA.

Australian runners took the first two placings in the women's mile, Genevieve LaCaze winning in 4:35.8 from Melissa Duncan 4:36.3. Angie Petty was third in 4:37.7, heading in other New Zealanders Lucy Oliver (Van Dalen) 4:40.0 and Rosa Flanagan 4:41.9.

Auckland Track and Field Championships, Mt Smart Stadium February 6-7

Julia Ratcliffe, the Commonwealth Games silver medallist in Glasgow in 2014 and bronze medallist at the world university games last year, added 1.51m to her New Zealand resident hammer throw record sending the 4kg implement out to 68.70m on Sunday.


Ratcliffe said it was her first competition since setting the previous resident record in Hamilton.

"It's definitely nice to come out and improve on my November results. I'm creeping closer towards the Rio qualifying marks which is good and gives me some confidence.

"I've got three competitions coming up, Porritt Classic in Hamilton next Saturday, Waikato champs the weekend after and then the New Zealand champs in Dunedin," she said.

"The allcomers record (69.63m) that Alexandra Tavernier of France has is the one New Zealand record I don't have so I'll try and get that at some stage this season," she added.

"I just try and build every week, because that's how it's gone in the American season in that if I've had a couple of weekends in a row I've managed to kind of build on my rhythm and things in every new competition so hopefully I can repeat that here."

Ratcliffe said that she was impressed with the competition implements.

"Beautiful new hammers from Auckland so really grateful for that. It was a great surprise to come to today. Technically it wasn't amazing today the 68 metres didn't feel amazing but it is not always technique that will get you there. We try our best to kind of be technically as accurate as possible but at the end of the day you just need a distance."
National champion Nicole Bradley was second with 58.52m.

National 400m champions Tama Toki and Louise Jones added the Auckland title. Facing a strong head wind on the home straight Toki recorded a 47.53 and Jones was likewise impressive clocking 54.93. Jones also won the 200m in 24.52 (-1.8). Joshua Hawkins who will be defending his New Zealand title in Dunedin in four weeks' time was out on his own in the 110m hurdles with a time of 14.33 (-2.2).

Rochelle Coster battled the wind to win the women's 100m hurdles in 13.69 (-3.1). Kelsey Berryman was second in 14.18 won the 100m in 12.38 (-2.1) and was second in the long jump 5.59m (+4.5). Despite nursing a broken and plastered hand Portia Bing was third in the hurdles 14.32, third in the high jump 1.66m, second in the 200m in 24.53 and won the long jump 6.05m (+5.2).

Eighteen year old Liam Speer cleared two metres for the first time in the high jump and was out to 7.03m in the long jump while Elizabeth Lamb won the women's high jump over the bar at 1.81m.

Siositina Hakeai New Zealand discus throw champion for the last four years won the Auckland title with her fifth round throw of 54.47m with Te Rina Keenan producing her best of the competition in the final round of 53.60m for second.

Ebuka Okpala won the long jump with 7.17m (+3.0) and the triple jump 14.98m (+4.2). James Mortimer won the 100m against the wind in 10.96 (-3.3) and Hamish Gill collected the 200m in 21.70 (-2.1). Phil Simms was smooth over the 400m hurdles in 52.57 and Matthew Bloxham won the senior hammer with a throw of 62.65m.

Katrina Anderson, back after four years in the States at Long Island, led from start to finish in the 800m in 2:12.00.

Anderson said it was great to be back with her family and coach Richard Kee.

"I was injured last year, broke my leg, and it was so hard to get back and ended up doing distances I didn't really want to do like the mile. But back here I'm back doing what I love."

She said that she was not ready for the nationals this year, "but next year you can count on it I'll be back".

Scott Gregory of Whangarei set Northland records in the 5kg SP 18.59m and in the 5kg HT 69.65m.

Open Throws Competition, Millennium Stadium February 2

Matthew Bloxham 7.26kg HT 60.91m. Nicole Bradley 4kg HT 57.57m. Mellata Tatola 3kg HT 48.75m, 1kg DT 39.90m. Anthony Nobilo 5kg HT 60.15m. Connor Bell 1.25kg DT 51.47m. Jayden Williamson 3kg HT 38.69m PB.

Waitakere Challenge, Douglas Track and Field February 3

Jared Free 3000m race walk 14:35.33, Lyndon Hohaia 16:30.42. James Reid 400m 54.85. Veronica Torr LJ 5.92m (+1.6), Jamie Sowter 5.32m (+1.5). Liam Speer LJ 6.85m (+5.7) also 6.57m (+1.8). Siositina Hakeai DT 54.17m, Te Rina Keenan DT 52.64m. Marshall Hall DT 52.34m, Alexander Parkinson 48.94m. Connor Bell 1.25kg DT 48.89m PB, three days later at the Auckland championships he was out to 49.25m.

Auckland City Athletic Club Meeting, Mt Smart Stadium February 3

Isaac Tatoa 100m 11.32 (-2.9). Sarah Pearce 100m 12.86 (-2.1), Tama Toki 400m hurdles 52.53.

North Island G14, U/16, U/18 Interprovincial, Porritt Stadium January 29-31

Jordan Bolland (17) 100m 11.04, 200m 22.01. James Guthrie-Croft (15) 100m 11.06, 200m 22.06, LJ 6.13m. Jade Henley-Smith 100m 12.41. James Uhlenberg 800m 2:00.16 and 1500m 4:06.98. Kirstie Rae 800m 2:22.24. Maiya Christini 800m 2:23.07. Charli Miller 1500m 4:49.26. Tessa Webb 1500m 4:42.53.Max Spencer 1500m 4:12.71. Tevita Finau TJ 12.38m, HJ 1.93m. Christopher Goodwin HJ 2.00m, LJ 6.81m. Mellata Tatola (15) SP 13.55m, DT 40.28m. Tanya Murray (14) JT 40.57m. Samson Arawa (16) SP 15.10m. Andrew Vaine (14) SP 14.74m. Ashleigh Bennett (16) LJ 5.33m. Jermaine Malaga (B15) JT 50.39m. Oliver Miller 400m 48.90. Mikael Starzynski (14) 400m 52.46. Jessica Hood 400m 57.62. Josh Shih (15) 100m hurdles 14.14. Alexandra Hyland (16) HJ 1.65m. Caleb Whippy (15) DT 43.57m. Tua Herman (16) DT 45.61m. Harrison Zhang (17) 110m hurdles 15.39. Open 400m, Cameron French 47.46, Frazer Wickes 47.67, Phil Simms 49.70. Kristie Baillie 58.61, Talia Horgan 59.99.

Wellington Track and Field Championships, Pelorus Trust Athletic Track, Colin Pugh Sports Bowl February 6

Alex Howden 11.32 (-0.5). Alex Haye 200m 22.07 (-0.9) PB and 400m 48.36 from Scott Burch 48.65. Recent sub-four minute miler Eric Speakman 800m 1:53.60 PB, further personal bests posted by Harrison Porritt 1:54.65, Max Press 1:56.67 and Josh Nairne 1:58.23. Niam Macdonald 3000m 9:03.25 PB also won the 3000m steeplechase in 10:17.34. Jacob Minshull LJ 6.56m (0.0) PB and TJ 12.79m (+1.2). Nathaniel Sulupo 6kg SP 14.97m, 1.75kg DT 48.13m and 6kg HT 38.81m PB. Nathan Whiteman PB 5kg HT 42.38m. Briana Stephenson 100m 12.52 (+1.0) and LJ 5.56m (+0.9). Phoebe Edwards 200m 26.11 (0.0) and LJ 5.10m (0.0). Alison Andrews-Paul 400m 56.64 and 800m 2:09.48. Ariana Harper 400m 57.40s. Izzy Hegan 400m 59.79 and 800m 2:14.73. Tessa Hunt PB 800m 2:14.80 and PB 1500m 4:42.62. Zia Macdermid 1500m 4:42.32. Tessa Webb 1500m 4:44.25 PB and 2000m steeplechase 7:05.80. Jean Kozyniak 3000m 9:54.96 PB. Phoebe McKnight 3000m 9:59.61 and 2000m steeplechase 7:13.33. Aprille Mincher TJ 11.09m (+0.8). Amania Mafi 3kg SP 12.20m PB. Ariana Blackwood DT 40.76m. Montaya Wharehinga HT 49.79m.

Athletics Wellington Meeting, Newtown Park January 30

Saravee Sos 200m 22.15 (-0.9), Alex Haye 22.17, Terry Collins-Hawkins 22.41 and 100m 1.11 (NWI). Liam Malone 400m 50.32 PB. Christopher McIlroy 3000m 8:54.14 PB. Jamie White 3000m 9:04.60. Alison Andrew-Paul 200m 26.01 mx, 400m 57.00 mx. Phoebe McKnight 3000m 10:00.06 mx. Brandy Collins 3kg SP 12.25m PB. Sean Lake 3000m RW 16:02.01.

Sola Power Throwers Meeting, Corner Randwick Road and Whites Line East, Moera Lower Hutt January 23

Marshall Hall DT 53.45m, Alexander Parkinson 48.98m and 14.59m SP. Nathaniel Sulupo 1.75kg DT 48.85m. Ryan Ballantyne 1.5kg DT 47.01m and 6kg SP 17.31m. Te Rina Keenan SP 14.71m and DT 51.13m. Siositina Hakeai DT 53.71m. Lauren Bruce HT 57.64m and DT 42.42m. Montaya Wharehinga HT 50.81m. Nick Palmer 5kg SP 15.84m.

Twilight Meeting Saxton Field Athletic Track February 5

Bailey Cotton 100m 11.40 (+1.8), 200m 23.42 (+0.2). William Wallace 800m 1:58.46. Amanda Fitisemanu 100m 12.76 (+1.0), 200m 25.83 (+0.4) PB.

Athletics Canterbury Meeting, incorporating Canterbury 3000m championships, Rawhiti Domain February 6

Lauren Bruce had a PB and Canterbury record in the 4kg hammer throw with 57.81m. She also threw 45.57m in the discus. Jarvis Hansen 60m 7.32 (-0.6), 100m 11.31 (-0.8). Ryan Ballantyne 6kg SP 17.13m, 1.5kg DT 41.80m. Alex Mander PV 4.05m, Jack Henry PV 4.05m. Eva Rewiri PV 3.05m PB. Angus Bailey (18) 3000m 9:00.63. Ieuan van der Peet 3000m 9:05.24. Christopher Dryden (17) 3000m 9:19.89. Patrick Thacker (16) 5kg SP 12.74m, 1.5kg DT 41.94m. Callum Long (17) TJ 12.26m (-0.5). Roseanne Robinson 2000m race walk 9:41.85. Tegan Duffy 300m H 49.18. Ashleigh Leonard 3kg SP 11.19m PB.

Athletics Otago Meeting, Caledonian Ground February 6

Andrew Whyte went for the two lapper winning the 800m in 1:54.05 in a rare outing over this distance for the 2013 national 400m champion. Christina Ashton won the 60m in 7.96 (+0.5), 100m 12.35 (+2.5) and 200m in 25.79 (+2.3). Rory O'Neill won the 100m in 11.19 (+2.5) and the 200m in 22.33 (+2.1). Oliver Chignell M18 was the best of the 3000m runners in 8:51.44. Todd Bates threw the senior hammer 48.86 while Mayce Ballantyne had the 4kg hammer out to 42.49m and Esmae Knox came away with a personal best 30.28m.


Shield at Aberfeldie, Melbourne, January 30: Quentin Rew 3000m race walk 11:34.6 (1).
South Queensland Regional Cup, QSAC, 31 January: Alex Jordan 200m 21.67 (+1.5) (7).
NSW Throwers at Greystanes Sydney, 31 January; Warren Button HT 55.83m (3).
IPC Grand Prix, AIS Track & Field Facility, Canberra, 6 February: Anna Grimaldi T47 long jump 5.34m (+2.4) (2). Will O'Neill T35 100m Ht 15.08 (+0.2) q, Keelan Ward T20 100m Ht 13.62 (0.0), Final O'Neill 15.22 (NWI) (7). Ethan Rangi T20 long jump 5.13m (+3.6) (6). Jack Lewer T20 7.26kg SP 8.94m (7) NZ Record. Rangi SP 6.82m (11), O'Neill SP 6.80m (10). Libby Leikis T37 3kg SP 3.93m (6), Leikis 100m 16.08 (+0.4) (9) NZ record. Rangi 400m 55.15 (5) NZ Record, Ward 400m 63.22 (8). Holly Robinson F46 JT 36.34m (5), Caitlin Dore F37 JT 20.36m (6). Rory McSweeney F44 JT 50.87m (2). 7 February: Grimaldi 200m Ht 27.26 (-0.8) q, Final 27.32 (+1.0) (1). Libby Leikis T37 200m Ht 34.10 (-0.8) DNQ. Will O'Neill T35 200m Ht 31.58 (+0.5) q, Keelan Ward T20 200m Ht 27.91 (+0.5) q. Ethan Rangi T20 200m Ht 25.01 (-0.4) q. Final; Rangi 24.78 (-1.0) (2), Ward 28.15 (6), O'Neill 31.83 (7).

Shield Final, Melbourne, 6 February: Ellen Schaef 800m 2:12.39 PB.
AACT Championships, Canberra, 6 February: Laura Overton 600g JT 46.20m PB, Tori Peeters 45.20m.

USA Indoors

UW Invitational Seattle, 29 January: Joshua Browne 800m 1:58.55 (6r1). Jeff Lautenslager mile 4:11.74 PB (3r1). Cody Thomas 200m 22.08 PB (1h4).
John Thomas Terrier Invitational, Seattle, 29 January: Holly Manning 1000m 2:52.23 PB (1r3).

Vanderbilt Invitational, Nashville, 29 January: Tom Stringer 3000m 8:54.50 (1h3).
Jack Johnson Classic, Minneapolis, 29 January: Matthew Prest 3000m 8:56.87 (13).
Razorback Invitational, Fayetteville, 29 January: Rebekah Greene mile 4:48.32 (8h3). Olivia Burdon mile 4:50.26 (3r1). Torie Owers 4kg SP 16.40m (5).

McNeese State Invitational, Lake Charles, 29 January: Imogen Hull mile 5:26.45 PB (6).
Houston Invitational, Houston, 29 January: Anneke Grogan 3000m 10:05.39 PB (4). Shauna Pali 3000m 10:13.42 (11).

Mountain T's Invitational, Flagstaff, 29 January: George Beamish mile 4:24.48 (7).
Portland Invitational, Portland, 4 February: Grace McConnochie 3000m 10:09.14 (1r2).
Mayo Invitational, Notre Dame, 5 February: Aiden Askin mile 4:09.13 PB (8r3).
Jacksons NB Invitational, Nampa, 5 February: Jeff Lautenslager 800m 1:56.83 (2).
Charlie Thomas Invitational, College Station, 5 February: Craig Lautenslager 3000m 8:12.34 PB (2).

Don DeNoon Invitational, Carbondale, 5 February: Matt Prest 3000m 8:47.88 (5r1).
Frank Sevigne Husker Invitational, Lincoln, 5 February: Jordan Rackham mile 4:14.85 (8r2). Bailey Stewart 200m 22.09 (4r5), 400m 48.16 (1r5). Tori Owers SP 15.96m (7).
Akron Invitational, Akron, 5 February: Amy Shaw mile 4:56.58 PB (1).

MSSU Lion Invite, Joplin, 5 February: Michael Vercoe-Curtis 800m 1:58.78 (6r1).
IWU Midwest Classic, Marion, 6 February: Joseph Beamish 3000m 8:45.84 PB (2).
Tufts Cupid Challenge, Boston, 6 February: Rory Buckman mile 4:33.24 (2r2).
USA Jaguar Invitational, Mobile, 7 February: Imogen Hull mile 5:13.51 PB (3r2).