Days after belatedly being awarded the Olympic gold medal, Kiwi shotputter Valerie Adams has breezed to victory in the latest Diamond League athletics meet in Stockholm.

Despite a week focused on her elevation to the victory after Belarussian Nadzeya Ostapchuk tested positive for drugs, Adams was barely troubled, throwing over 20m on every recorded put.

In a field featuring six of the finalists from the London Games, Adams' best throw was 20.26m, just under half a metre shorter than her gold medal effort.

Adams says she didn't take any notice of Ostapchuk's comments in the buildup.


"When she says (what she says) she's taking desperate measures I cannot do anything about it, I cannot control what she says or what she does, all I know is that I'm rightfully clean and I'm here doing what I love doing and enjoying it, and that's why she's still in Belarus."

She says she came out with a simple goal.

"The aim of the game today was to win. I won comfortably today and just really wanted to get back into the throw of competing after 10 days of hectic shit in my life."

Her nearest rival Yevgeniya Kolodko of Russia's best throw was 1.18m behind Adams.

Adams next meet is in Switzerland on Thursday.