New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is often referred to as the GOAT of the NFL but it seems he's not so great at social media.

The five-time Super Bowl champion made an insensitive comment on an Instagram post by former teammate Randy Moss, which he later deleted.

Moss, a hall of fame wide receiver, posted a message in memoriam of former Minnesota Vikings trainer Fred Zamberletti who passed away in the weekend.

"On behalf of all the Purple People Eaters & true Viking fans worldwide........"thank u mr.fred zamberletti!"#skol#rip#oltimer". Accompining the message was a photo of Moss during his playing days with the Vikings alongside Zamberletti.


Moss played seven seasons with the Vikings before joining the Patriots alongside Brady later in his career in 2007.

Which is why Brady commented on the post saying: "You look better in a Pats uniform". Seemingly oblivious to the actual message that Moss had posted.

Brady has since deleted the message and replaced it with: "RIP".