The Dallas Cowboys not only are the NFL's most valuable franchise for the 11th straight year, they are the top-valued team in the world.

According to Forbes magazine, their worth increased 14 percent in the last year, reaching US$4.8 billion (NZ$6.6b).

That's more than US$1 billion ahead of the New England Patriots (US$3.7 billion).

Rounding out the NFL's top five are the New York Giants (US$3.3 billion), Washington Redskins (US$3.1 billion) and San Francisco 49ers (US$3.05 billion).


On average, an NFL franchise is worth US$2.52 billion, an increase of 8 percent since 2016.

Much of that can be attributed to rights fees and new stadiums or stadium renovations.

Every team is worth at least a billion, with the Buffalo Bills last at US$1.6 billion. Forbes reported this year that the average Major League Baseball franchise is worth US$1.54 billion.

The Atlanta Falcons had the highest increase in value, up 16 percent to more than US$2.47 billion. The team just moved into a US$1.5 billion stadium.

Globally, according to Forbes' rankings of July, the Cowboys are followed by baseball's New York Yankees at US$3.7 billion, a figure the Patriots have now tied.

Next in those rankings are three European soccer giants: Manchester United at US$3.69 billion, Barcelona at US$3.64 billion, and Real Madrid at US$3.58 billion.