his man jokes about wanting to gang-rape a woman. He vows to kill all drug addicts within six months of his election. If Congress opposes him, he will abolish it. He says he's a scourge of the elite, and excuses his crass humor because he is "not the son of a konyo" - a colloquial Filipino term for the upper classes (in fact, he's the son of a governor). When asked about actual policies, he says they are "secret, secret." His funders remain veiled in gossip: Jailed oligarchs are rumored to have him in their pockets. He gleefully announces he'd like to burn the flag of Singapore, expel the Australian Embassy, and show people his penis. He says of Ferdinand Marcos, who brutally ruled the country from 1965 to 1986, that "if only he had not stayed so long, becoming a dictator, he is the best president."