A mum has been caught forcing her young son to drink shots of alcohol in a horrifying video.

Police in the US were alerted to the incident after a clip of the disturbing episode was posted on Snapchat.

In the sickening video, the young boy is made to bring a bottle of liquor to his mum before she asks whether he wants a drink.

The mum is then seen pouring two shots into the cap before handing it to the young boy.


His siblings looked on in horror, with the girl who was allegedly forced to film, heard saying "Mum, don't do it!"

The girl continues filming, and at one point shouted: "That's my brother, that's my dude right there, oh hell yeah!"

Speaking to reporters outside her court hearing on Monday, the mum said she was only pretending to give her son alcohol.

"Never been without him a day in his life," she said.

"Yes, it was bad judgment on my part to even act like I gave him alcohol, but I swear there was none in the cap."

Writing on Facebook earlier, the mum reportedly wrote: "I didn't know I was being videoed, but even so what's the difference in giving your child cough syrup or rinsing their pacifier off with the beer you're drinking."

The mum has now lost custody of her child.

Payne County Sheriff Kevin Woodward said a criminal investigation was under way.